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The French Market, a brand new e-boutique for lovers of France…

When you’re 17,000 kilometers away from home, it’s normal to feel nostalgic about the foie gras served at dinner parties, the simplicity of a striped tee or the retro prints arousing memories of cities you once visited. All of those feelings can be re-experienced, or experienced for the first time, at thefrenchmarket.com.au. Whether you’re homesick for France or simply a lover of all things French, The French Market offers a unique selection of quality products from France as well as a host of other surprises.

“I think it’s interesting to propose, in Australia, brands and designers who have a French essence, on a platform that simultaneously celebrates style, dynamism and simplicity. Therefore it’s quite natural that ‘Le Courrier Australien’ is a privileged partner of ‘The French Market’,” enthusiastically states François Vantomme, Director of Le Courrier Australien.


Over 200 items and more to come

The site, which launched today, offers items by notorious French brands such as – Repetto, Gas and St. James. One will also find equally exquisite pieces from lesser-known artisans, particularly in the genre of children’s toys.

Foodies can stock up on glazed chestnuts, caviar, foie gras… all the delicacies impossible to refuse around the holidays.


Art lovers will enjoy browsing the selection of works by French illustrator, Michel Canetti, whose drawings and vintage posters are recognisable worldwide.

The big surprise is the selection of authentic pieces by Aboriginal Australian artists. Perhaps unexpected on a predominately French site, consider France’s appreciation for history, character and items that hold significance – and Indigenous art seems to be a perfect addition.

Replicating French interior design needn’t involve clichés of red, white and blue scattered around the home. Effortless French style is accessible via The French Market’s range of homewares and furniture.

Concerning ethical production, customers can take pride in knowing that profits go towards supporting small businesses and the creators of these unique items.

Currently The French Market offers over 200 items in its catalogue. This will expand and evolve at the customer’s request and as collaborations with designers continue. The French Market aims to be a meld of bookstore, wine cellar and overall boutique of quality, unique goods. So how about a tailor-made trip to a specific region of France? For now the site is accepting all ideas. It’s ready to take the plunge.

Concerned about shipping and handling? The French Market aims to promptly deliver Australia-wide. Some brands will require delivery fees, with 80% of the products home-delivered free of charge.

A store of this quality has been long awaited by both French expats in Australia and Australian Francophiles. Remarkable attendance in French festivals across Australia has proven the desire for French goods obvious. Without a doubt, The French Market will welcome everyone with open arms.

Aa early December launch means purchasing gifts from The French Market is the perfect way to spoil your family and loved ones this holiday season.

Valentine Sabouraud translated by Kiara Casey


The French version of this article is available here.

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