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Rendez-vous on 28 January for the Night of Ideas 2021!

Founded six years ago in Paris, La Nuit des Idées -The Night of Ideas- has grown into a worldwide global event celebrating arts, culture, science, and philosophy, around a common theme, a common day, and held simultaneously in 50 countries. 

Now in it’s second year in Australia, the 2021 theme “Closer” will feature a vibrant, cross-cultural conversation about the arts, the universe and how the pandemic has changed our view of closeness!  

It will be moderated by Amanda Collinge (producer of Q&A on ABC) directly from the rooftop of the MCA. Our 2021 line-up gathers talented personalities for a stellar night, through talks, interviews and live performances.

  • Claudie Haigneré, France’s first female astronaut
  • Jordan Nguyen, world renowned Artificial Intelligence expert
  • Prof. Jean Bogais, sociologist
  • Melati Wijsen, climate change activist from Bali
  • Jennifer Tierney, executive director of Médecins Sans Frontières
  • Dr Greg Keane, psychiatrist
  • Lili Alaska, French-Australian singer, song writer and producer
  • Marlee Silva, Indigenous podcaster & writer
  • Ella Havelka Ballet Dancer & Bangarra alumna
  • Some surprise…

Each speaker and performer will be sharing their unique perspective on what “Closer” means. They’ll also be exploring how human connection is evolving during the global pandemic and asking: 

  • Will bringing technology and culture closer together help us find solutions?

  • How is COVID causing an existential challenge to our political and economic structures, values, and order?

  • Viewed through the lens of Humanitarian work how will COVID bring us closer together as we face this common global challenge?

  • Viewed through the lens of an astronaut we ask how the close confinement experienced during the pandemic affected our perspective on time and space? 

Rendez-vous on 28 January for the Night of Ideas 2021! The event is an initiative of the French Embassy in Australia.

Tickets et infos: https://www.nightofideas.info



La Nuit des Idees (The Night of Ideas) has grown into a global event celebrating arts, culture, science and philosophy, around a common theme, a common day and simultaneously in 50 countries. Its first edition took place in Paris in 2014. Last year’s first edition in Australia, at the Sydney Opera House, was a great success. Conversations and performances pertained to the theme Being Alive.

This year, Night of Ideas will offer everyone the opportunity to engage with an unprecedented digital experience: 24 hours of Night of Ideas, crossing time zones from Oceania to the West Coast of United States. It will promote the free circulation of ideas and knowledge, and make local experiences resonate in a great global live broadcast on social networks.

The night of Ideas is currently one on the only global events to be held with a live audience and online. We are up to this challenge! Our event in Sydney will be safe for all its attendees, while fun to follow online. More than ever, this evening will remind us how beautiful it is to be able to share live performances and discussions together.

For the Australian event, more info => http://www.nightofideas.info/

For the 24h international event, more info => https://www.lanuitdesidees.com/en/

More info about our partner “ABC RN Big Ideas” => https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/bigideas/


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