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6 Female personality types – and how to buy jewellery to match them

We’ve all heard the saying, “looks don’t count for everything” – often during our single days when friends remind us not to be so shallow or fickle.

It also happens to be a wonderful mantra for men buying jewellery for that special woman in their life. In other words, while big and shiny isn’t always better, a gift with thought is always best.

In the same way women are delighted if a man buys her jewellery to match her lifestyle or fashion sense, we think men are delectable when you give us something that truly reflects who we are.

While it’s important to make note of your lady’s individual taste in jewellery, you’ll often find that women who possess certain personality traits have a taste or distaste for similar styles of jewellery.

So to help you choose the perfect piece for your perfect woman, here are some jewellery buying tips for six well known female personalities:

Ms Peer Pressure

Does your girl go a shade of green when her sister, girlfriend, work colleague or another female relative shows off or talks about a fabulous new gift or purchase? If making a big impression on the female’s in her life is important then you’ll want to pick jewellery that doesn’t just keep up with the Jones’s, but is bigger, better and sparklier than anything they’ve got.

Ms High Maintenance

Does your pretty woman like to stop traffic – or at least sparkle in a crowded room? Then she’ll appreciate jewellery that she knows no-one else will be wearing (yes gentlemen, the same un-natural fear women have of being seen in identical dresses at a party).

A tastefully designed custom made piece is the perfect solution. Something like a beautiful solitaire with a very large stone (2ct plus) or intensely sparkling Cluster Ring will make you the centre of her universe.

Ms Bashful

On the other hand, you blossoming beauty may be more of the wallflower variety – sweet, shy and could think of nothing worse than having all eyes turned her way. If so, showy pieces will scare her off – the last thing you want if you’re popping the question.

Look for something dainty such as a modest solitaire engagement ring (one simple diamond, without side stones, etc) and make sure the diamond isn’t too big or ostentatious.

Ms Artistic

If your fair maiden is an abundance of creative juices – especially in art or design – you could look at an unusual setting or pattern within a piece of jewellery. She’ll be enchanted by the beautiful detail and the effort you made in coming up with a special design just for her. Cluster rings with multi-shaped stones or unusual coloured stones will earn you more than a Mona Liza smile.

Ms Romance

If you’re perfect woman loves the sound of rain on the roof and snuggling up on the couch with Pride and Prejudice or Breakfast at Tiffany’s, bowl your maiden over with a pretty piece in a romantic setting – something from the heart that has a special meaning. Flower shaped cluster rings and 3 stone rings with heart –shaped filigree details will reflect her dreamy personality to a tee.

Ms Attention to Detail

Can your lady read a map better than Christopher Columbus? Set up a computer faster than Steve Jobs? Or spot an ant-sized beetroot stain on your favourite new purple tie from ten feet? Your perfect woman with an eye for detail will want to know all about the piece you chose including the angle, width and thickness of the settings.

She’s also very particular, knows what she wants and won’t take ‘no’ for an answer (In fact, some Detail Divas have been known to refuse jewellery gifts with very tiny flaws). To get her purring “Yes” you need to find the ‘perfect stone’ – be it a diamond with perfect measurements or a highly unusual coloured stone like a natural, untreated Ceylon Blue Sapphire.

So why do we get so excited when you buy us jewellery that matches our personality? Perhaps it’s because it says that you’re taking notice of – and appreciate us for – more than just the way we look.

And that’s the way to win a woman’s heart.


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Natalie Barney
Natalie Barney
Jewellery à la Française

French-born, Australian jewellery designer, with a passion for gemstones. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by the power of jewellery. The right piece can transform your look, mark a moment and even capture your unique story. I am passionate about creating versatile, distinctive pieces for strong, independent women.

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