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Australian women’s rugby captain in biting scandal

Australian women’s rugby union captain Liz Patu faces a lengthy period out of the game over a “disgusting” biting scandal after being accused of sinking her teeth into a rival player.

Western Australia lock Rebecca Clough, an international teammate of Patu’s, made the allegation after a ruck during a weekend game, pointing to her arm as proof.

The referee did not see the incident, but rugby authorities later cited the Queensland hooker.

World Rugby regulations set the lower end for punishment for biting at a 12-week ban, and the maximum at 24 weeks.

Biting and eye gouging are considered two of the worst offences in rugby.

Former Wallabies back Drew Mitchell, who was commentating on the game, called the incident “disgusting”.

“I think we will hear more and we should. That is disgusting and it’s not a part of our game, especially from an Australian representative and a captain at that,” he said.

Patu was only appointed as Wallaroos skipper seven months ago and media reports suggest she could be stripped of the honour if found guilty.

Source : AFP

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