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Australia’s top baby names for 2017

An Australian hospital has released a list of their most popular baby names for 2017.

The staff of Greenslopes Private Hospital, in Queensland, kept a record of the names of all babies that were born there during 2017. Releasing this list is a first for the Queensland hospital, where over 1200 babies are born each year.

Olivia, Zara, Zoe, Addison and Ava made up the top five for baby girls and for the boys, there was a surprising four-way tie for first place between Harrison, Henry, Oliver and William.

Though there is a somewhat royal theme connected to the list of names, there are also a few that may stem from pop-culture.

“People get their influences from everywhere, and Star Wars is a huge phenomenon so it could well be an influencer,” Raechel Frost, Greenslopes Maternity Services Manager told The Courier Mail, suggesting that actor Harrison Ford could have been responsible for the popularity of the name Harrison.

Despite many celebrities announcing quite unique names for their babies and the increased popularity of nouns and cities for names; River, Brooklyn, Denver… the list released by Greenslopes Private Hospital, suggests the majority of Aussies prefer to stick with traditional classics, when it comes to naming their children.

Keeping with the idea of tradition, Raechel Frost went on to add that there has been an increase in parents choosing not to know the sex of their baby until it arrives.

“We’re seeing an increasing trend now of people who are unsure what they’re going to have,” she said. “It’s one of the last surprises we can have really.”



Source: Courier Mail

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