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Bastille Day French Festival 2018: “Sur le Mur” street art exhibition

The street art movement in France has often been shadowed by its parallel in the UK or the US. But with a bit of help from Banksy, recently calling Paris the ‘birthplace of modern stencil art’ and large-scale exhibitions such as street artist Vhils at the CENTQUATRE Paris cultural centre, our attention has been called back. Melbourne’s street art scene has always been prominent, with colourful Hosier Lane remaining an iconic tourist attraction, and the growth of creative suburbs such as Brunswick and Fitzroy.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 15.55.18Sur Le Mur by Bastille Day French Festival is a celebration of street art as an important contemporary movement, featuring three talented French girls living in Melbourne. Lucy Lucy was born in Paris, and since moving to Melbourne in 2006 has joined the street art crew AWOL, achieving global recognition for her work. DNART, French-Vietnamese and self-taught, works in highly detailed designs which have appeared on a variety of surfaces including surfboards. She recently did artwork for the highly successful Strawberry Fields Festival. Fanny Devert relishes the creative freedom of this art, and has recently featured on Hosier Lane.

Head to the North Melbourne Meat Market on the 14th and 15th of July, grab a glass of Philippe Fourrier champagne to wander through their impressive works with class, with opportunities to meet the artists and watch some live-painting sessions.

For more information, and to view the program head to www.bastilledaymelbourne.com

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