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Buying, wearing and caring for jewellery – our 10 top tips

In a recent post I revealed (with just a slightly admonishing school madam frown on my face) 10 jewellery faux pas, or things NOT to do when you buy or own jewellery.

At the same time, I’ve always believed that encouragement is just as powerful – and much more fun for all involved – than the threat of the naughty corner. So, to help you get the best out of your jewellery here are 10 things you should definitely do when buying, wearing and caring for your favourite pieces:

Think practical, be flexible

Before you pick a piece of jewellery, consider how much use you’ll get out of it. Can you wear it to a fabulous party, a wedding and to do the shopping too? In other words, how versatile is it? It’s also easy to be attracted to an unusual piece that doesn’t match any outfit in your wardrobe (I’m sure we’ve all been there). Unless you’ve got the budget to also spoil yourself to a few new outfits, go for a piece that complements items already in your wardrobe that you can easily mix and match with.

Keep it clean!

There’s nothing worse than getting makeup or hairspray on your jewellery – it can be a nightmare to get off. We can show you the best ways to clean your pieces so they keep their sparkle and shine for years.

Match your materials

It’s always sad to see beautiful materials clash with each other. The fact is, no matter how stunning two stones or metals look on their own, they don’t always complement each other well. At the same time, you can make jewellery from so many different materials, and a talented designer can create a stunning piece with materials you might initially think are incompatible. If you’re not sure, ask us.

Have a focal piece

You should always wear a focal point piece of jewellery. If you wear a large necklace with large earrings, a large ring and large bangles nothing stands out and it all looks extremely heavy. To avoid this, pick your the focus of your ensemble, such as a necklace, and use your other pieces to accessorise with it.

Co-ordinate your jewellery with fabric

The most important thing your jewellery can do for your outfit is coordinate with your fabric. Chunky pieces like wooden beads or heavy shells can clash dreadfully with a silk blouse, while pearls and thin chains would better suit. Also, avoid wearing pearls with heavy t-shirts or jumpers or denim – cork or stone beads will work better. And while a choker can be worn with a deep neckline, the length of your necklace should work with the length of your collar.

Get the most out of colour

Who doesn’t love a dash of colour in their world? Try and mix things up a little. Go for different colours instead of outright coordination. For example, I love blue, wear a lot of it and try to coordinate pieces to make the colour ‘pop’, and every now and then throw in something a little more daring.

Trust your jeweller

Especially if they have French accents and are named Natalie! Seriously though, when you find a jeweller you feel comfortable with, it makes shopping for jewellery stress-free and far more of an exciting and enjoyable experience. We just adore getting to know our customers and helping them find unique and lovely jewellery they are going to cherish.

Have fun with your jewellery!

Don’t be scared to experiment. One thing (of so many) I love about jewellery is being able to have fun with it! Research different styles, try on diverse pieces and ask others for advice (but always buy what’s right for you, not them). Who knows, you might discover something that you never dreamed was perfect for ‘you’!

Show some tender loving care

Loving your jewellery also means regular maintenance. I really enjoy assessing how well an owner has maintained their jewellery while we polish, check settings, appraise pieces, etc. It’s also important to re-plate your white gold every 18 months- two years to get the most out of its shine.

Be extra careful with earrings

Earrings seem to lead to more fashion nightmares than any other jewellery. Some of the main culprits include dangling earrings (looks messy with long hair and attracts attention to shoulders, which are, unfortunately, the last feature to age on most women) or tiny earrings (which give that ‘fat-neck’ look no woman deserves). Although multiple piercings can look cute on the right person, you need each earring to match with the biggest starting at the bottom.

To get the best out of your jewellery pieces, choose wisely, think carefully about and care lovingly for each piece. And if you’d like some advice on choosing, wearing or looking after your jewellery, just come and visit us at the studio.


Contact our expert Natalie Barney: natalie@nataliebarney.com – www.nataliebarney.com, or make an appointment here

Natalie Barney
Natalie Barney
Jewellery à la Française

French-born, Australian jewellery designer, with a passion for gemstones. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by the power of jewellery. The right piece can transform your look, mark a moment and even capture your unique story. I am passionate about creating versatile, distinctive pieces for strong, independent women.

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