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Catherine Deneuve Defends Mens Right to ‘Pester’


Legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve yesterday signed a letter denouncing the #Metoo movement in Le Monde.

Deneuve, who came under fire last May for defending director Roman Polanski, who is wanted for the statutory rape of a 13 year old girl, was joined by 99 other prolific French women in signing the letter. In it, they denounce what they described as the ‘vigilante online justice’ associated with the movement.

“Rape is a crime.” The letter opens “But flirting insistently or clumsily isn’t a crime, and chivalry is not a machismo aggression.”

Deneuve and the other women criticise what they describe as a general backlash against men that has unfolded in the aftermath of the #Metoo movement.

Following the Weinstein scandal, the #Metoo (or the French #Balancetonporc) movement rocked Hollywood, and has seen a ripple effect spread to other industries and countries, even recently to the Australian theatre scene.

Deneuve and her co-signers however, claim the movement is fuelled by ‘a hatred of men’ and describe it as puritanical.

“This urge to send men to the slaughterhouse, instead of helping women be more autonomous, helps the enemies of sexual freedom,” the letter suggests.

“We defend a right to pester, which is vital to sexual freedom,” they said.


Source: www.lemonde.fr

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