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“COVID-19 likes to party” : How NSW residents can do their bit to stop the spread during the festive season?

Whilst the recent removal of mask mandates, checking in and presenting proof of vaccination have been a welcome change for NSW, the state recorded 1,360 cases of COVID transmission in the past twenty-four hours; its highest figure since September. This Wednesday afternoon, NSW’s multicultural media community gathered to hear the latest dose of health advice from both the Minister for Multiculturalism Natalie Ward, and Senior Medical Advisor for NSW Health Dr. Jan Fizzell as things open back up in time for Christmas.

Whilst a surge in cases in inevitable, both speakers have noted that there is still a lot that members of the public can do to ensure the safety and health of ourselves and those around us. Ms. Ward has primarily stressed the importance of becoming fully vaccinated as soon as possible, as “the first line of defense” against the potential impacts of the disease, and of booking in for the booster. Those eligible for their third shot will receive an SMS alerting them of this, and it will be available at their nearest pharmacy.

For those planning on attending gatherings over Christmas and the New Year, health officials have recommended that those celebrations take place outside; as “the best environment” to be in. And, whilst COVID safety- related regulations are no longer legally enforced, it is strongly advised that members of the community continue to take precautionary measures such as wearing masks, hand-washing, socially distancing, and remaining vigilant at all times.

For all phone enquiries, calls can be made to the following 24-hour service: 13 77 88

Both Natalie Ward and Dr. Jan Fizzell wish to extend their gratitude to all members of the NSW community for their cooperation throughout this period, also noting that it is now time to adjust to the new circumstances as sensibly as possible.


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