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English vicar slaps £100 fine on brides running late

Fed up with repeated delays to wedding services because of brides arriving late, an English vicar is imposing £100 fines  for a delay of more than 10 minutes.

Church of England vicar John Corbyn said he had introduced the policy at his two churches, Holy Cross in Bearsted and St Mary the Virgin in Thurnham, after two delayed weddings in a row.

“My team was feeling a bit ill-used… We worried that it was going to become normal practice,” he said.

Couples are asked to present the vicar with a £100 (110 euros, $135) cheque before the service, which he gets to keep if the bride is late and distribute to the organist, bellringers and choristers kept waiting. The only exception to the fine is for delays caused by traffic jams or genuine mishaps, the paper said.

Corbyn said the fine was proving a success, pointing out that brides were now arriving 10 minutes early.

Source: AFP


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