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Experience the Aussie Christmas like a true Parisian, with a real tree! 

Celebrate this festive season with the earth-friendly choice. Sydney’s most premium fresh Christmas trees, directly cut from local farms and delivered to the city!  Fuller than standard trees, lush green and with a brilliant long lasting pine scent. Planted, watered and pruned in such a way which has given them this unrivalled quality.

With earth sustainability in mind, Don de L’Amour, Sydney’s first French floral studio, has made it their mission to locate premium trees in Australia, after discovering many people were still using harmful PVC plastic trees in their home.

From $120, Sydneysiders can have a Christmas tree freshly-cut from the local farm and have it delivered straight to their door. Visit dondelamour.com.au to discover the difference and order your tree just in time for Christmas.

At Don de L’Amour we pride ourselves in delivering the best quality. All trees are specifically selected, hand cut and then delivered with extra care across the Sydney Metropolitan.With proper care, our live-cut trees will last for at least 1 month. Please read our Care Instruction page for more information on how to care for your tree.

Trees do not include a Christmas Tree Stand or decorations. You will have to purchase them separately.

The approximate height of a medium tree is 6ft (190cm). Our medium trees are suitable for most spaces such as living rooms, shared office space, board rooms, entertainment/family room, event spaces, Christmas parties.

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