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Sydney : Four Frogs Crêperie will sell an authentic truffle galette for Bastille Day!

Who better to enjoy Bastille day with than the French? Last year, to celebrate that special day, the Four Frogs crêperie used black truffle in their galette (savoury crêpe) and ended up selling out in just a few hours! This year, the truffle galette has come back with avengence: executive chef Florian Guillemard drove down to the truffle farm to hand pick 3kg himself and have this special dish available over four days around Bastille day.

The truffle galette is made with freshly grated black truffle, prosciutto, swiss cheese & egg.
If you haven’t been to visit the Four Frogs before, now is a better time than ever, get out your beret’s and crack open the Champagne for the Bastille Day celebrations.

On top of that truffle delicacy, Florian has specially crafted four French crêpes and galettes available throughout the month of July. Try the snails gallette, where the snails have been slow cooked in a garlic and parsley sauce. And for dessert, how about the Black forest crêpe? Not French enough for you? Then try the goats cheese galette, prepared with sundried tomatoes and pine nuts. For those with a sweeter tooth, the Mont Blanc Crêpe made with chestnut cream and meringue should be a

Four Frogs welcomes you to enjoy this French national holiday with them, as they bring a touch of
France to Sydney.

About Four Frogs
Owned by four french men, Four Frogs is a real french crêperie based in the Sydney suburbs of
Mosman, Randwick, Lane Cove and Circular Quay. They offer a relaxed dining experience with a
huge selection of sweet & savoury crêpes. They brought their traditional recipes over from France,
and mill all their flour in-store. This maximises the taste, freshness and nutritional content of the
buckwheat, and it’s gluten free.

More details about the crepes and galettes…
Black Truffle Galette: Fresh grated local black truffle, prosciutto, Swiss cheese & egg

What about the July Specials?
– Snails Galette: Slow cooked snails in garlic and parsley sauce, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, speck & Swiss
– Buche Galette: Fresh goat cheese “buche”, prosciutto, sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts & honey
– Mont Blanc Crêpe: Chestnut cream, meringue & whipped cream
– Black Forest Crêpe: Homemade cherry curd, Belgian chocolate sauce and shaving, whipped cream & cherry

July will be a delicious month…

Four Frogs Crêperie – Circular Quay, Mosman, Lane Cove, Randwick – Website : here
Truffle special galette (11th – 14th July) | July Special Galettes and crêpes (4th to 31st July).  More information here

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