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French Cheese Festival: “I have died and gone to cheese heaven”

The first time I got the opportunity to attend the French cheese festival at Le Meridien Noumea, New Caledonia, it happened to be my birthday. I still have vivid memories of it and I believe it is one of the best birthdays dinners I could have wished for. Who wants cake when you can have cheese!!!

The “Festival des fromages” is the perfect excuse to head to New Caledonia, Australia’s next-door neighbour for a long weekend (or more). Reach this amazing French Pacific Paradise in less than 3 hours from Sydney, less than 2 from Brisbane and less than 4 from Melbourne.

With over 100 cheeses to choose from and under the charming guidance of Maître Gerard Poulard, cheese Master (yes, it is a real job and I am currently researching how to become one! Apparently eating a lot of cheese doesn’t suffice), you will travel through the different regions of France and taste all the amazing cheeses on offer.

Gérard speaks about his cheese collection as a couturier speaks about its creations and it is fascinating!

The beauty of this festival is that it’s the best way to get your French Cheese fix at night but burn it all off during they by exploring Noumea and its UNESCO world heritage listed lagoon or why not the Great south region where you can hike, trail, bike, kayak, and many more activities allowing to try and lower your bmi (body mass index)!

So, are you drooling yet? See you in cheese heaven between the 12th and 30th of June 2018, held at Le Meridien Noumea as well as the Sheraton Deva.

For info on how to get to New Caledonia, head to https://au.aircalin.com/en
For more info on the destination, head to newcaledonia.travel

Written by Caroline Brunel – New Caledonia Tourism

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