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How much is your gold jewellery worth? More than you think

It’s no secret that gold prices have skyrocketed over the past fifteen years – even with a little turbulence of late. But do you know the value of your own gold jewellery? As a couple of excited customers recently discovered, it can really pay to find out.

Turn your old gold into a glittering new treasure

If you’re not wearing a particular gold piece anymore, or you’ve been wondering what to do with some gold jewellery you’re attached to, why not bring it in to the studio for us to look at, appraise and discuss some options.

There are all kinds of exciting possibilities. For example, you could:

  • have your yellow gold melted down and turned into a brand new white or yellow gold piece
  • get a gold credit towards any jewellery in the store
  • get a gold credit towards a brand new custom-made piece.
Customers that struck gold

Many people who come to us with their gold don’t realise just how valuable it is – and they get a delightful surprise when they find out.

Recently, a lady purchased a brand new ring worth $6250. With the credit from her old gold pieces she was only left with $200 to pay out of her pocket.

Another customer brought in a collection of 9ct and 18ct yellow gold jewellery. We remade a stunning pair of earrings out of a ring, and a new pendant out of a ring and an old pendant.

The icing on the cake? With her gold credit she didn’t have to pay anything.

Like an appraisal on your gold?

Do you have some gold jewellery lying around not doing much? If you’re a little curious about how much it might be worth – and what you can do with it – arrange a time to come and see us at the studio.


Contact our expert Natalie Barney: natalie@nataliebarney.com – www.nataliebarney.com, or make an appointment here

Natalie Barney
Natalie Barney
Jewellery à la Française

French-born, Australian jewellery designer, with a passion for gemstones. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by the power of jewellery. The right piece can transform your look, mark a moment and even capture your unique story. I am passionate about creating versatile, distinctive pieces for strong, independent women.

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