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Jewellery buying and owning faux pas – 10 things NOT to do

If you’ve ever visited us at the studio, or perused any of my other blog posts, you can be sure of one thing – we are infatuated with beautiful jewellery! It’s given the team so much personal pleasure over the years, and more than anything, we want our customers to experience that same delirious joy.

So, without meaning to sound like a reprimanding school principal (ok, maybe just a little), here are the Natalie Barney team’s top 10 tips on what not to do when it comes to buying, wearing and caring for your own pieces:

1. Don’t wear too many pieces at once

Ensure each piece has the chance to stand out on its own and sparkle. As much as I have trouble deciding between all the gorgeous pieces I own, wearing too much only makes your ensemble look confused. And while matching a cute pair of earrings with both a bracelet and necklace may seem like a good idea, it can actually lack imagination and bring down a lovely outfit. Stick to two matching pieces at the most.

2. Don’t let the jewellery carry you

Keep in mind your height and the size of your hands and fingers before buying a piece. You don’t want your jewellery to look too heavy on your hand or finger if you’re smaller-statured or make you seem larger than you actually are if jewellery appears too tiny! Look for pieces in proportion with the rest of your body and try a wide band ring with smaller stones if you can’t afford the piece that’s right for you.

3. Don’t let jewellery outshine you

As much as I love an eye-catching piece, you don’t want to make it the whole point of your outfit. Jewellery should complement a look, not distract from it. To create the perfect balance, keep in mind that less is more. The one thing that should truly be on display is you!

4. Don’t mistreat your jewellery

Quality jewellery is bit like a work of art – we admire its beauty, the meticulous crafting, and they often hold a story. And like art you should keep your jewellery in a safe place. Store it out of reach when you’re not wearing it, avoid spraying perfume on pearls or wearing pieces of value to exercise, cook or bed in case they tangle or become damaged.

5. Don’t be jewellery ‘copy’

Your jewellery should make a statement about you, so don’t copy someone else – either a friend or celeb – to find it. Being individual is the most beautiful look of all!

6. Don’t just choose jewellery others like

If you’re stuck for ideas or unsure of what suits you, ask advice from friends, family – or your favourite jeweller! But make sure that the jewellery you choose is something you want, not just something they like.

7. Don’t follow the crowd

One particular style can’t possibly suit everyone. Be different, be brave and find pieces that stand out on their own and represent your best!

8. Don’t wear your best pieces at home

Swanning around the house wearing your best diamonds or pearls might sound Elizabeth Taylor glamorous, and no doubt it is if you live in the Hollywood Hills with a posse of housemaids! But for us regular gals, can you just imagine all that bacteria and other household mess jewellery gets exposed to? So keep them somewhere safe and well rested for those special occasions!

9. Don’t travel with your best jewellery

One thing that horrifies me most is losing one of my favourite pieces while on holiday. Be practical and leave the good stuff locked away at home. Also, in many poorer countries it’s actually quite rude – not to mention potentially unsafe – to show off your flashy jewellery.

10. Shh! the best jewellery is silent…

Of course, most women would adore to experience a night where the conversation stops and all eyes fall upon her as she enters the room – but not because her jangling jewellery makes her sound like an approaching train! It can be incredibly inappropriate to wear an armful of bangles or necklaces that jingle, not to mention irritating to those around you.

Like with all the good things in life, choosing the right jewellery and looking after jewellery involves some TLC, courage and thought. However, if you make these tips your mantra, your favourite pieces will love you back a thousand times over.

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Natalie Barney
Natalie Barney
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