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Macron tells Harris France-US cooperation ‘absolutely critical’

French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday told visiting US Vice President Kamala Harris that cooperation between France and the United States was “absolutely critical” following a row over the cancellation of an Australian submarine contract.

“We do share the view that we are at the beginning of a new era. Our cooperation is absolutely critical for this era,” Macron told Harris, who replied that France and the US have “always found great success because of shared values and shared priorities”.

Macron, speaking in English, described a meeting with US President Joseph Biden on October 29 aimed at easing tensions as “fruitful” and said it had “paved the way for the coming weeks, months and, I have to say, years”.

Harris said: “I do believe, and we share this belief, that we are at the beginning of a new era which presents us with many challenges but also many opportunities.”

“Building on the great conversation that you and President Biden had, I look forward to the next few days where we’ll continue to work together and renew the focus that’s we have always had on partnership,” said Harris, who will also attend a peace forum in Paris on Thursday and a conference on Libya on Friday during her visit to Paris.

Her trip comes after a huge Franco-American row erupted in September when Australia walked out of a multibillion-dollar submarines deal with Paris in favour of an alternative one with the United States.

Biden also sought to make amends over the dispute at his meeting with Macron last month, telling the French leader that his government had been “clumsy” in the way it secured the submarines deal with Australia.

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