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Memorial expands online 3D Treasures exhibition

The Australian War Memorial has expanded its online exhibition, 3D Treasures, adding 25 three-dimensional scans from the National Collection.Launched in October 2020, 3D Treasures is an interactive online exhibition. Each three-dimensional image is complemented by information on the history and some of the stories connected to each object.
Memorial Director Matt Anderson said he welcomed the 25 additions to the online exhibition and encouraged audiences to view the 50 objects now featured.

“This online exhibition gives visitors to the Memorial’s website the unique opportunity to view these important items from the collection from every angle, and at a level of detail that is almost impossible to achieve in person.

“Engaging with our audience online has never been more important. 3D technology gives the viewer the chance to look at these unique objects they wouldn’t normally see in great detail. Teaming that technology with information on the story behind the item adds so much to the experience.

“Access to the online exhibition ensures that no matter where you are in Australia or the world you will always have access to some of the most cherished items in the in the Memorial’s collection, even when the galleries are closed or items are not on display,” Mr Anderson said.

Financial support for the online exhibition has been provided by Boeing Australia. Dr Brendan Nelson, President of Boeing Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, said the company was proud to support the exhibition.

“Boeing, after 17 years, remains committed to assisting the Australian War Memorial explore new ways to tell the service of Australians and bring their stories to life”,” he said.

One of the new items featured in the online 3D Treasures exhibition is the microphone journalist Sally Sara’s used for interviews while working as the ABC’s Afghanistan correspondent in 2011. Based in Kabul, with no studio facilities, Sally recorded voice overs in her room using the microphone with her head covered with a quilt to drown out noise and echo.

The dog harness of Kuga the Belgian Malinois, who served with the Special Air Service Regiment, is another new exhibition highlight. In August 2011, Kuga and his handler were part of a mission targeting a senior Taliban commander near Khas Uruzgan. Kuga was shot five times when he attempted to apprehend an insurgent; one of the bullets broke his front leg.  After treatment in Afghanistan, Germany and Australia, his wounds were too great and Kuga died on 24 July 2012 in Perth.Other items include Neil Davis’s 16mm movie camera, used to film one of the final moments of the Vietnam War: when the first North Vietnamese tanks broke through the gates of the Presidential Palace in Saigon.

Also featured is the Agro doll mascot from Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS Darwin’s deployment to the Middle East in the lead up to the 2003 war in Iraq. Agro and a Fosters beer-mat had pride of place on the instrument panel of the ship’s S-70B Seahawk during operations which involved boarding and searching vessels departing the area, and patrols of the approaches to the Khawr Abd Allah estuary, protecting coalition vessels in Kuwaiti waters.

3D Treasures is online now and can be viewed at www.awm.gov.au/3DTreasures.

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