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Mörk Café- a Drinking Chocolate Experience


Located just off the main strip on Errol Street in North Melbourne is Mörk café, and it’s not your run-of-the-mill one-stop coffee shop. On the contrary, they specialise in a range of chocolate drinks from delectable hot chocolates and shakes, to mouth-watering chocolate spiders.


Mörk’s concept store now supplies over 450 cafés with its renowned drinking chocolate in Australia, the UK, and Europe.


It all started when the café’s founders, Swedish-born Josefin Zernell, and her husband Kiril Shaginov, saw the exploding coffee scene in Melbourne. Yet they quickly realised that drinking chocolate wasn’t as big of a thing as it was in their hometowns in Europe. The pair decided to create chocolate drinks that were delicious, as well as ethical.


Every drink has been carefully tailored to create an indulgent moment that stimulates every sense. What’s more, you can rest easy while drinking your hot chocolate as all their products are ‘traceable‘. (This means their products go that one step further than fair trade).


“Mork’s aim was then to create the finest quality product, incorporating ethically sourced ingredients,” Adam Del Mastro, Mörk’s business developer says.


Mörk café gives customers a chance to engage with the products and explore the variety of ways that drinking chocolates can be enjoyed. Instead of hot chocolate being seen as a simple child-like drink, Mörk has brought the product to life in a variety of drinks presented as art forms, each one telling a unique story through an array of flavours.


Their signature drink “Campfire,” tells the story of Zernell’s childhood of drinking hot chocolate by the campfire in Stockholm. It’s a combination of Mörk’s original dark hot chocolate that is poured into a glass of smoke, topped with marshmallows and a sprinkle of charcoal salt.


Think drinking chocolate is only for winter? Prepare to be enlightened as Mörk café has you covered for summer as well! Their take on Australia’s classic spider drink is made up of three textures of cacao; ice cream, foam, and a heavenly sprinkle of cacao nibs bound to take your taste buds on an adventure.


They also offer frozen thick shakes called “Mörkshakes” which are, served throughout the hot months of the year. And if you’re lactose intolerant, you don’t have to worry about missing out, as their classic chocolate flavour is made dairy-free.


If you’re struggling to find those last minute Chrissy pressies, Mörk offers beautifully decorated tins of drinking chocolate, famous Christmas pies, and many more sweet treats that are sure to make anyone’s mouth water.


By Claudia Gallois


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