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Natalie Barney Jewellery : Jewellery à la Française

Natalie Barney Jewellery is a jewellery store on the web with inspirations «à la française». A luxury boutique that offers magnificent jewelery pieces embellished with precious stones to customers.


Neckless from “Sun” collection.

Jewellery inspired by the sun. This is all the work of Natalie Barney Jewellery in her soberly named collection named «Sun». Necklaces, rings, or earrings, all these pieces have followed a meticulous work, from the first designs to the conception. Now embellished with precious stones, jewellery are even more scintillating.

«This collection offers an overview of the brand with more affordable prices,» says Natalie Barney, 52. «There are three different range prices. The aim is to target young women who do not necessarily know their tastes in terms of jewellery.» Luxurious jewellery start its prices at $250. The most expensive pieces can reach sums close to $20 000. «I have the advantage of having this French DNA that is really present in my inspirations. I try to promote this side à la Française which is appreciated and recognized in the world of fashion.» If she admits she has more of a consultant role towards clients, she draws – «not necessarily very well» – runs and chooses the stones to work. But the conception goes to her five jewellers.

The company Natalie Barney Jewellery is now on Internet with an e-commerce website where potentials clients can discover her work. Natalie Barney was born in France and always fought for her dream since her childhood: opening her own jewelry shop. Unfortunately, she had to wait longer than expected…

«I did not like my life in France»

Natalie Bareny Jewellery

Natalie Bareny Jewellery

«I was a French women who did not like her life in France.» The words may sound harsh but these are the words Natalie used to describe her past. Born in Besançon, she left her native country for England in October 1986. This trip was supposed to be just an intercultural exchange but everything changed when she fell in love with the Queen’s country and her culture. Since then, she’s been living here for 7 years. She met her husband. After a very successful marketing career and an experience in the Netherlands, the couple decided to leave Europe and settle in Australia. «We are celebrating our 20 years anniversary next January !» 

It was not necessarely easy for the French women to arrive on the Australian territory. She found a job in marketing, but got fire several times. «That’s when my husband to step in,» she says. «He clearly told me that this was probably the moment to start something that passionate me. That’s how I got into the universe of jewellery.» Approaching the Jewellers Assocation of Australia, she will volunteer for 6 months with them, before actually having a position for two years and a half. Concurrently with her job, Natalie was able to follow gemology studies at the Gemmological Association of Australia«This enabled me to access a gemstones knowledge such as chemical composition and laboratory science. I met people from this field and apprehended a universe which is composed of hundred stones. That’s when I fell in love with the natural absorbing side of gems.» Then, she found a job as a saleswomen in a jewellery store before buying the same company in 2005.

New projects

«I closed the shop last December to devote myself to the website.” Thus, she decided to build a jewellery brand that would grow all over the world, outside Australia. This is why the creation of a website was necessary. «I also became more strict and decisive in my choices and my inspirations. Today, I have enough notoriety to refuse orders that do not fit my style.» She adds : «I am confident about my brand.» 

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Natalie Barney Jewelery now targets the French community through the Chamber of Commerce and the Embassy. She also targets Europe, the USA, and the East Asia. «The objective would be to be able to exhibit at first in department stores like Les Galeries Lafayette in Paris and Harrods in London. Then, in a second step, open my own boutiques in the big cities.”  So, the Natalie Barney’s projects are several, this women who dreams of becoming the new Coco Channel, «but only in the jewellery field».

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Find more information and all available jewellery from Natalie Barney Jewelery on : nataliebarney.com


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