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New Year’s Resolutions 2018: setting attainable goals

The countdown is officially on for 2018 and with a new year just around the corner, many people are taking the opportunity to write fresh resolutions in a hope to change old bad habits and create new healthier ones. Unfortunately, most resolutions are broken before Australia Day. President Barack Obama interestingly stated in a recent interview with Prince Harry on the BBC:

“I’m not sure I believe in New Year’s resolutions – typically people break them.”

However, if the idea of attempting to better yourself is appealing, try making resolutions that you can commit to for at least a month. Researchers found, even the majority of those successful in their New Year resolutions, slipped within the first month. So persistence is indeed imperative.

A ‘new you’ needn’t always consist of creating overwhelming goals or unrealistic expectations for yourself. A fresh start is very much possible without unnecessary pressure.

Here are 5 simple ways to obtain a memorable and positive 2018:

1. Drink More Water

Simple and free. In Australia, we’re incredibly fortunate to have access to safe drinking water. Staying properly hydrated is an easy task, which has been proven to lead to numerous benefits, including weight loss and better mental health. Set reminders on your phone or keep a handy bottle with you at all times – anything that prompts you to take those extra sips.

2. Learn A Skill
With the Internet at our fingertips, there’s no excuse when it comes to not learning something you desire to learn. Whether it be a language, instrument or any variety of skill – you’re bound to find free tutorials online. Start small and keep at it, consistency is important. The feeling of accomplishment that accompanies learning something new, isn’t exclusive to children. Take that first step and 2018 could be the year you learn how to cook the perfect Spaghetti Carbonara or run your first 10k… among other things.

3. Save Money
Everyone could do with examining their spending. Often it takes just one conscious decision to form strong money-saving habits, such as intentionally saving all coins or limiting frequent splurges. If you also aim to quit a costly unhealthy habit in 2018, you can save the money which would have been used on that item and see it as a clear reward for your self-control.

4. Pick A New Fragrance
A little bit out there from the other tips, however, there is no underestimating the power of scent. The sense of smell has been said to be the strongest of the senses. Surely you have experienced certain smells triggering memories of precise places, people or periods of time, so why not wear a scent that will represent you for 2018? Try and find something you haven’t smelt before – something that brings you joy.

5. Be More Kind
It costs nothing to be kind and the impact can be incredible. Acknowledge a stranger, give up your seat on the bus, sincerely compliment someone… the options are endless. Visit Random Acts of Kindness for more brilliant ideas.

The end of a year can be an emotional time for many. If you or anyone you know needs help please contact:
Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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