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One of the greatest culture and character building experiences you can have

One of our feature articles this month is about the necessity for young individuals to navigate through uncountable options when deciding to take further studies to enables them to gain qualifications for all types of employment with specific skills to help them in the workplace;, to become “job ready”. Let’s have a brief look at Vocational Education, an advancing trend around the world, focussing on Australia.

Why Australia? Australia is a country which stands out as one of the best investments for studying abroad in the field of international education. Besides the promise of a large spectrum of courses to choose from, it is also known for the quality of its educational facilities. Australia has been ranked as the third most popular international student destination, according to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
The number of new graduates across countries is growing enormously as more and more young people realise they are not ready for qualified jobs. What is missing in this big picture of becoming an all-in professional?

The trend shows the competition among young individuals accelerates as employers require not just a university degree, several years of experience after graduation and speaking at least two world languages, but also flexibility, emotional intelligence, and developed soft skills for them to consider young people to be employable. You are thinking “a bit overwhelming” right?

Here we stand faced with a dilemma “are university degrees the best choice after finishing high school or are there alternatives to prepare young people desperately queuing for career opportunities for the workplace?”

The solution is not that out of reach. The point here is to make the right decision now to take the true pathway. Either staying at university and working to obtain essential experience by graduation, or undertaking a university exchange programme and taking one semester of university in another country (known as ERASMUS in Europe) as an alternative.

What if you want to go a bit further to search for specific qualifications and skills for future employment and to be a cut above hundreds of graduates in the market. How do you do it? Make sure you do something totally different, unique, special and desirable for potential employers!
How about taking a year or two and studying in a multicultural society; something which really counts and gives you an extraordinary life experience which, no doubt, employers around the world will value, leading to a promising job offer

Doubtlessly, education is a crucial factor which rules the playing field and allows everyone to compete, so why not to choose the right team?
Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia enjoys increasing among international students, which is reflected in the results from The Students’ Experience Survey (SES). VET plays an important role in International Education, providing students with real options towards pathways to success that works for them best.
What do we mean by real options toward pathways to success in life? What do you consider to be successful? What are you looking for in your journey to success?
We treat every single student as an extraordinary individual. Our education system is based on a personalised approach and aims to help students to build confidence in their own skills and knowledge: using their gained theoretical background and transforming it into real, hands-on experience. Students are guaranteed to experience diverse models of academic practice through real-world scenarios that are applicable to a wide range of workplaces. The beauty of our educational system lies in our multiculturalism, with students representing countries from around the world with different backgrounds and experiences that unite them and lets them share the whole spectrum of involvement and increase their understanding of each other.
No one can disagree that this life-changing experience is highly competitive and, once you apply for a job in your home country or anywhere else in the world, your unique profile will exceed the expectations of our competitive world.
“Create your pathway with APC.”

Team APC

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