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Paul Hogan sues – That’s not a knife, that’s a copyright

Paul Hogan, the man behind the most successful Australian movie of all time – Crocodile Dundee – grossing over $300 million dollars is suing popular burger chain Grill’d. Hogan stated that Grill’d had blatantly used the famous catchphrase from his movie, “That’s not a knife, that’s a knife,” without a licence, to promote their business interests.

Simon Crowe, the founder of Grill’d has hit back saying that the line has been used so frequently that it has become public domain. However Sydney Law firm Robinson legal, representing Hogan, has argued that using the catchphrase makes false and misleading claims that their client Mr Hogan actually endorses the products which is clearly not the case.

Mr Crowe has used the publicity to market his brand further by tweeting that a patron who quotes the catchphrase with the purchase of any burger will be given a complimentary drink. Mr Crowe has not ruled out ‘doing a deal’ with Hoges to promote his burgers and says that there is no bad blood between them.

It is not the first time Mr Hogan has taken legal action for breach of copyright. In 1988 he won an injunction against a company calling themselves ‘Dundee Country’

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