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Président presents Bastille Day French Festival 2018: the melting pot

You’re at the gate, 15 minutes to boarding, eyeballing the babies in proximity and compelling them not to scream-cry on the plane for seven hours straight. France to Australia. It’s a daunting move, all the way down there across the world, but its common enough now- you’ve already got a network of expats living in Melbourne to hook up with, and you’ve joined all the Facebook pages.

The Singapore Airlines hostess serves you with a genuine smile as you nestle into your seat and gaze out the window. A few days in, you’ve finally overcome the jet-lag slump and you’re ready to get proactive. You conquer the streets of the CBD on the mighty Yarra Trams, and steal a glance at the massive metro project by Bouygues Construction, a name you’d heard in Paris once before, and its tales of urban grandeur. It’s an uncharacteristically stable weather day in Melbourne, and you explore the best of what the city has to offer, letting it take you to one spot to the next, whether it’s transformed warehouse cafes, hidden laneway boutiques, magicians in Fed Square, fountains in Carlton gardens…

It gets to dinner and you’re starved. You’re feeling the distance and missing home, so you invite some fresh acquaintances over for dinner. You add a couple of grapes and crackers to your Président Cheese spread, and the Luv-A-Duck confit is just about ready. Your guests bring a fine bottle of Philippe Fourrier champagne. And you hadn’t realised you could get quality French products so easily. Suddenly Australia is a little less daunting. You’ve joined the Melbournian travelling ethos and you’re already on Visit Monaco planning your next holiday.

You read an article about Bastille Day French Festival in your favourite news outlet Le Courrier Australien, winner of a 2017 Victorian Multicultural Commission award, and you know you’ll find everything there all over again.

Bastille Day French Festival proudly represents the rich cultural melting pot that is Melbourne, supported by a prominent group of French businesses and associations who see the potential in these kinds of events. Be a part of it on the 14th and 15th of July at the North Melbourne Meat Market.

For more information, and to view the program head to www.bastilledaymelbourne.com

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