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Secure your next adventure! Your next stop… Australia

Have you ever thought about taking a break from your current life and travelling abroad for a new adventure, work experience or studies?

Step out of your comfort zone and do something you have had a desire to do for a long time but have never had the courage, money, right time, right headspace or, a buddy to go with?

Do you think the right time is now? Or are you still hesitating and have all those fears and setbacks around you which stop your dreams coming true?

The fact is, there are three major factors that hold us back in moving forward, towards making our lifetime experience/life changing decisions; WORK, MONEY and FEAR.

Before we jumping straight into making a deposit of epic awesomeness to your mind, to your body and your soul which we call this lifetime experience, let’s have a quick look at the reasons why some of us are still sitting at home and dreaming about an adventure from the comfort of their living room.


Yes, we live in a world of workaholics. Everyone around us is busy. We don’t take a vacation as often as we can. Not because we can’t but, we don’t want to. The trend shows that, even just 15 days of annual leave in average per year, seems to be too much for the majority of working people. They literally do not take them. Let’s help to change this trend together. We all deserve some reward.


Here is the truth. We don’t have any money for travelling because we spent it all on other stuff.

The stuff we don’t need but that makes us temporarily happy, stuff we like that keeps us looking fancy in front of others, the stuff which is sitting in our house, wardrobes and store rooms we have never touched and is completely new. All these unnecessary things cost lots of money and constantly make us feel the lack of money.

Let’s take another example. We love our wine or aperitif! Considering that we drink a few glasses per day, more at the weekend, we could easily save $1,500 per year. Surprised? This could already pay for a return ticket to Australia!

To make a long story short, it is quite easy to save some money and pay for your ticket to freedom!


What is it we are most afraid of? It is change in our everyday life, it is the fear of failure. What if I cannot do it? Why do I even want to risk this? So let’s try an easy mental exercise: talk to your brain and convince yourself that, hey let’s have a go at it, there’s nothing to lose, I have a return ticket and nobody can retain me there. And try to be curious, that will be the fun part to feeling better! And also curiosity is the best guide to explore your passion and ease the pressure from outside.

“If you don’t have an obvious passion, follow your curiosity.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert


So now follow this easy guide:

  • Type Australia in Google Images and start dreaming
  • Type flights to Australia in Google and look for the bargain of the year
  • When you have your mind set on Australia, think about what you want to do during this trip to Australia
  • Contact an agency that knows Australia inside out

And here you are, you are ready to go!

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