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Statement from Lord Mayor Clover Moore about the Sydney Football Stadium in Moore Park

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Shockingly, a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the Government’s Sydney Stadiums Strategy has supported the knockdown and rebuild of the Sydney Football Stadium in Moore Park – despite finding the community was shut out of the process, the Government undermined public confidence and the business case didn’t meet the Government’s own criteria for spending money on public infrastructure.

The report was released late in the afternoon on the eve of a long weekend and is far from convincing. It confirms that this project is being pushed through without the proper checks and balances.

Members of the Committee disagreed on the ultimate recommendation to support the knockdown and rebuild but the Liberal/ National/ Shooters members pushed it through. But the whole Committee is calling for an independent audit of the business case and asking for the Government’s cost-benefit analysis to be referred to the Public Accountability Committee.

It would be an outrageous breach of public trust and proper process if any further work to progress the strategy, including any move to demolish the award winning stadium, was undertaken before the audit and review is completed and reported back to the community.

Even Committee Chair, Robert Brown MP from the Shooters Party notes in his foreword that ‘it has become apparent to me (having travelled extensively in rural NSW during the drought) that there is widespread disapproval of the government’s stadiums strategy’.

Every taxpayer in NSW should ask why he and the Committee members from the Liberal/ National parties supported this widely unpopular and wasteful project despite the overwhelming evidence against it.

Link to the Committee’s report: https://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/lcdocs/inquiries/2483/Final%20report%20-%20Sydney%20stadiums%20strategy.pdf

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This page/article is also available in: Français

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