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"We're British! We're not going to stop drinking," Tom Young joked as he packed the trunk of his car with

Can British sport, which has benefited massively from the opening of European borders, survive Brexit? Experts say the uncertainty created

The EU could approve Britain's request for a short delay to Brexit but only if UK MPs next week vote through the

What next? After British MPs rejected Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal on Tuesday, triggering a no-confidence vote in the government, that

Despite facing a fierce backlash to her draft Brexit deal, British Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to fight on. Amid cabinet resignations

Tens of thousands of people demonstrated in London on Saturday calling for a second vote on Britain's departure from the

The wrangle over what will happen to the Irish border after Brexit has put the previously unthinkable possibility of reunification

Scotland's parliament is expected to formally reject legislation for taking Britain out of the European Union on Tuesday in an

The EU unveiled plans Wednesday for a bigger 1.279-trillion euro budget for the seven years after Brexit, featuring a controversial