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French police drew heavy criticism on Monday after officers were filmed spraying peaceful climate activists in the face with teargas

Les gardiens officiels de la langue française ont mis fin à des siècles de domination linguistique masculine jeudi (28 février)

Each New Year heralds a sense of excitement and never more so than 2019 which marks the 30th anniversary of

Defenders of the French language on Thursday pleaded with people to stop using the English term "fake news", recommending they

Stone-throwing, insults and dangerous manoeuvres on the high seas: French and British fishermen clashed in the English Channel over a

French MPs on Wednesday agreed to remove the word "race" from the constitution and add a ban on gender discrimination

France is to double the number of French lessons it offers to refugees to 400 hours in order to help

An Iraqi court  Sunday jailed a French woman for 20 years for belonging to the Islamic State group as her

Tearful French figure skater Gabriella Papadakis called it her "worst nightmare" after she suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on Monday