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Coral bleaching has affected 98 percent of Australia's Great Barrier Reef since 1998, leaving just a fraction of the world's

After years of climate-worsened damage to its vibrant corals, Australia's vast Great Barrier Reef could this week be added to

The Great Barrier Reef's outlook remains "very poor" despite coral recovery over the past year, Australian government scientists said Monday,

A top Chinese official said Sunday that political tensions between Beijing and Australia were not behind a UNESCO recommendation to

Australia will take a group of ambassadors snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef Thursday in a last-minute lobbying effort to

Australia will strongly oppose a UNESCO plan to list the Great Barrier Reef as "in danger" over its deterioration caused by

Using experimental "cloud brightening" technology and introducing heat-tolerant corals could help slow the Great Barrier Reef's climate change-fuelled decline by

Australia is breaching commitments to protect the embattled Great Barrier Reef from the effects of land clearing, environmental groups claimed

Australia's Great Barrier Reef, under severe stress in a warmer, more acidic ocean, has returned from near-extinction five times in