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An Aboriginal settlement older than the pyramids that provides evidence that indigenous Australians developed sophisticated aquaculture thousands of years ago

Australia’s Closing the Gap targets will be redeveloped in partnership with Indigenous Australians for the first time with a direct

An online map which has so far documented 250 massacres of indigenous peoples after Australia was colonised by the British is set

Many Australians see the Commonwealth Games as a sporting celebration, but for some Aboriginal activists they symbolise invasion, dispossession and

All indigenous languages in Australia descend from a single common tongue, a study revealed Wednesday in findings that shed new

Australia is making some progress in improving health and education among its indigenous population, an annual report said Monday, but

A figure steps through tall grass as native birds caw and the distinctly Australian sound of insects bristle and hum

Jessica Mauboy will represent Australia at the 2018 Eurovision Song Competition. Mauboy, 27, was the first Australian to perform at Eurovision

The Australian two-dollar coin has been updated with a new appearance just in time for Remembrance Day. The coin, generally completely