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We’ve all heard the saying, “looks don’t count for everything” – often during our single days when friends remind us

  Have you heard about the sultriest sister in the diamond family, the black diamond? Some say, once you wear her,

“Bonjour!” and welcome to part two of Natalie’s tour through French jewellery history. Now we’ve uncovered the stories and influences behind

It’s no secret – especially for those of you who have met me – that I absolutely love all things

It’s no secret that gold prices have skyrocketed over the past fifteen years – even with a little turbulence of

Last week, a man walked into my studio looking very shy and uncomfortable. I approached him with a warm smile

In a recent post I revealed (with just a slightly admonishing school madam frown on my face) 10 jewellery faux

If you’ve ever visited us at the studio, or perused any of my other blog posts, you can be sure

Over the past couple of months I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, watching, listening around my favourite subject to