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The organisers of a banned pro-Palestinian demonstration in Paris said Friday that they had petitioned a court hoping to force

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Sunday slammed "ugly racial protests" in Australia's second-largest city, after some far-right demonstrators were seen

A nine-year-old schoolgirl sparked intense debate in Australia on Wednesday after refusing to stand for the national anthem to protest

Construction of the World Cup fan zone outside Moscow's top university is fuelling a rare protest in Russia as students

Hundreds of French students saw their end-of-term exams suspended Monday as protesters blocked access to two universities, the latest in

French anti-capitalist activists clashed with riot police at burning barricades Monday during a huge security operation to clear a rural

Activists put masks on statues in Paris and other French cities on Saturday to highlight what they say is France's

Thousands of farmers from Spain's parched southeast,  marched in Madrid Wednesday to ask the government for help as their crops