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A US nuclear submarine was damaged after hitting an unidentified object while operating underwater in Asia, the US Navy said

Former Australian leader Malcolm Turnbull said Wednesday his successor "deliberately deceived" France when he scrapped a multi-billion-euro submarine deal with

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said Sunday the French government would have known Canberra had "deep and grave concerns" about

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday extended an "open invitation" for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, after announcing

The United States announced a new alliance Wednesday with Australia and Britain to strengthen military capabilities in the face of

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced Thursday the country would acquire long-range US Tomahawk cruise missiles, as it strengthens military defences

New Zealand will not lift a decades-long ban on nuclear-powered vessels entering its waters in the wake of key ally

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison confirmed Thursday the country has scrapped a Aus$90 billion (US$66 billion) submarine deal with France,

Australians squirmed Thursday as US President Joe Biden thanked their prime minister for joining a major new defence alliance --