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Talking Trade: The EU-Australia FTA low-down in Lobethal

The benefits for South Australian producers getting better access to Europe’s 500 million consumers will be up for discussion today at a seminar at Lobethal near Adelaide. The European Union’s Trade Counsellor in Australia, Cornelis Keijzer, will participate in a seminar at Golding Wines to discuss the EU-Australia free trade agreement.

Mr Keijzer will also explain why South Australia’s premium producers should embrace the EU’s proposal to introduce geographical indications (GIs) which protect niche products made in specific locations.

“South Australia’s agriculture community would receive higher prices at the farm gate if a GI system was adopted in Australia,” Mr Keijzer said. “GIs also generate more jobs in regional and rural areas; GIs help attract more tourists seeking unique food and wine experiences and GIs stop imposters from copying special products.”

The Australian Government agreed to include GIs in the free trade agreement during the pre-negotiation process. The Australian Government recently published the list of GIs under negotiation and called for public consultations.

“The Government’s decision to publish the list clears the way for the EU to put the finishing touches on the first market access offer in order for an exchange with Australia before the fifth round of negotiations in Canberra in October,” Mr Keijzer said. “The list makes it clear that Australian producers can continue to make products with common names such as brie, camembert, salami, gouda, pecorino or cheddar.”

The new President of the European Commission, Ursula von den Leyen, recently restated the EU’s desire to “swiftly conclude ongoing negotiations with Australia” in her published guidelines.

For a factsheet on the benefits of an EU-Australia FTA please click here. To read about the EU’s latest report after the fourth round of FTA negotiations held in Brussels in June click here.  To view videos explaining GIs and the benefits for Australian producers then click here.


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