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The chicest cut and colour combo to come out of Paris this winter

What’s the hottest shade of blonde in Paris this winter? Forget warmth, this blonde is totally cool…polar to be exact. Introducing Scandi Blonde, the exclusive polar blonde shade from Franck Provost Paris. Inspired by the icy tones of natural Scandinavians, this stunning new colour combo is a very light, cool blonde that blends a mix of polar shades shaded by slightly darker roots.

And how best to showcase such a beautiful blonde colour? With a short textured cut of course! A-listers including Zoe Kravitz, Kate Hudson and Katy Perry have all taken the chop this year…and fashionistas everywhere are following suit.

“This is such a versatile haircut,” says Virginie Gayssot, Head of Education & Talent Management at Franck Provost Paris. “It’s not as short as a pixie cut; it’s more of a rounded short cut with volume on the sides and a long fringe that sits on the eyebrows. The textured layers means you can personalise it to suit your face, plus in typical Franck Provost fashion, you can wear it multiple ways to suit your mood.’

Here are just a few looks you can master with this stunning Scandi Blonde + short textured cut combo, with commentary from Franck Provost Master Stylist Carolyn Gahan:

1. Apply a 10 cent coin size amount of L’Oréal Professionnel Sleek and Swing styling gel through damp hair and use a comb to help distribute the product from root to ends.
2. Using a medium tooth comb, direct the hair all forward from the crown while blowdrying. First direct the hair to the left and then to the right to break through any natural partings that the hair wants to fall into. Keep going with your comb back and forth until the hair is 100 % dry. Dry the back and sides of the hair with fingers in a downwards flat motion so you don’t create much volume.
3. Take a small amount of L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.Art Depolish paste on your finger tips and piece out hair around the hairline to give it some separation and definition.
4. The final touch is the most important for a smooth and shiny sleek look. Spray a generous amount, all over hair, of L’Oréal Wet Domination Shower Shine hairspray.

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1. Spray 6-7 sprays of L’Oréal Professionnel Crêpage de Chignon into the roots of towel dried hair. To gain maximum movement, avoid spraying the tips of the layers, as they need to remain as light and free as possible.
2. Turn your head upside down and begin blowdrying the hair with as much volume as possible. Get your fingers right in there and move around in all directions to create a tousled, messy effect.
3. Before flipping your head back over, put your blowdryer on cool temperature and cool the hair down to set the roots in that upward motion.
4. Section the hair roughly with your fingers and sprinkle L’Oréal Professionnel Super Dust into roots and rub through with your finger tips. Piece out the hair where you want it to fall over your forehead and tuck a little bit behind the ears.
5. Finish with L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium fixing spray to hold into shape.

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1. Apply a small amount of L’Oréal Professionnel Scruff Me gel into towel dried hair.
2. Begin to dry the hair while scrunching it into the palm of your hand to create that disheveled feel.
3. Once the hair is about 80% dry, get a small round brush and just on the front section begin drying the hair by wrapping the hair backwards away from face around the brush to get that bend in the fringe.
4. Keep the hair around the brush while holding your dryer on cool heat to set the fringe in that upwards back motion.
5. Finish with L’Oréal Professionnel Infinium hairspray to fight against the elements and keep the hair in shape.

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