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The secrets of beautiful and versatile black diamonds


Have you heard about the sultriest sister in the diamond family, the black diamond? Some say, once you wear her, you never go back.

Is black the new white?

If you’re a diamond kind of girl (and who isn’t?), you’ll be intimately familiar with white diamonds. You may also have seen, and even worn, stunning pink, blue or yellow diamonds.

Fewer people know about, or own, black diamonds. However, that’s changing as more women discover how beautiful, unique and versatile this amazing stone can be.

Black diamonds don’t want to be the new white. They’re confident enough to accompany white diamonds and create all kinds if gorgeous effects – or hold court in a room full of glitz, all by themselves.

Brides are falling for black diamond engagement rings

When it comes to true romance, there’s a lot to adore about black diamonds.  They’re beautiful, eye-catching, sophisticated and distinct. And couples also enjoy learning that they symbolise many of the ingredients for a healthy marriage:

    • Diamonds represent faithfulness, love, purity, innocence, and relationships filled with love.
    • Jewellery containing diamonds is said to bestow balance, clarity and abundance upon the wearer.
    • The colour black represents and arouses power, strength, certainty and passion.

Recently, we’ve made to order a number of stunning black diamond engagement rings – one particularly large – in round, oval and princess cuts.

They are equally as striking accented with small white diamonds, or in a solitaire ring. And look wonderful in a prong, pave or channel setting.

Other jewellery wears black well too

20170602_150518-300x300Just like your favourite little black dress, black diamonds can make the right impression in many settings and situations. They can also dress up, or be worn casual.

We’re been customising quite a few black diamond earrings, bracelets, necklaces and eternity rings lately. A couple of really lovely ideas include:

    • black and white diamonds in wide rings and earrings with fine black diamond bands popular worn on either side of a centre ring
    • black diamonds set in white gold with a black rhodium plating, as this highlights the colours.

Meet some famous rare black diamonds

Many of the biggest diamonds ever discovered have been black diamonds. And the stories behind them are often just as impressive.

The Black Orloff

Also known as The Eye of Brahma, this 67.50-carat black diamond is shrouded in mystery and scandal. Rumoured to have been 189.62 carats uncut (ooh la la!), it was supposedly discovered in India, stolen by a monk, given to Empress Catherine the Great, and bought by Russian Princess Nadia Vyegin-Orlov (aka Orloff), who fled during the revolution and may have used the diamond to pay for her escape.

It has been displayed around the world, but likes to call the Kremlin Diamond Fund home.

The Gruosi Diamond

Named after the jeweller Fawaz Gruosi, this incredible black stone was cut from a rough diamond weighing 300 carats. It’s the largest heart shaped black diamond in the world, weighing in at a heart-palpitating 115 carats.

The Table of Islam

A mysterious square emerald cut black diamond that weighs 160 carats. Little more is known about this diamond, but with those sort of credentials, we don’t mind the strong silent type.

The Amsterdam Diamond

A 33.74 carat, pear-shaped, black diamond with 145 facets, or flat faces. It was first exhibited in 1973 at D. Drukker & Zn., Amsterdam. It was sold at Christies in 2001 for $352,000, setting a world record price for a black diamond at auction.

The Korloff Noir

Uncut, the ‘Gargantuan Black Diamond’ weighed an incredible 421 carats. Handed down through generations of the Russian Korloff family before being sold to a jeweller, it now weighs 88 carats and has 57 perfect edges. It’s supposed to bring good luck to the owner, but that still hasn’t stopped them insuring it for USD37 million.

What do regular black diamonds cost?

Don’t let these skyhigh famous black diamond figures scare you. While price varies depending on colour, cut and carat, black diamonds are actually cheaper than comparative white diamonds.

So, if you love jewellery that has an aura of mystery, beauty, sophistication and versatility, or are intrigued to try something exciting and new, maybe it’s time for you to explore black diamonds too.


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Natalie Barney
Natalie Barney
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French-born, Australian jewellery designer, with a passion for gemstones. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been fascinated by the power of jewellery. The right piece can transform your look, mark a moment and even capture your unique story. I am passionate about creating versatile, distinctive pieces for strong, independent women.

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