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Vos idées de sorties à Sydney (du 16 au 22 juillet)


Chaque semaine, le Courrier Australien vous déniche les meilleurs sorties et événements de la semaine à venir à Sydney. Festivals, concerts, expositions, cinéma, restos, bars ou balades : plus d’excuses pour rester chez vous !

Du 4 au 21 juillet : The Miserables’18

plummer-double-jpgWhile the curators draw inspiration from the many adaptations of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables, it’s going to be really helpful if you recognise that the works in this exhibition are, by and large, uninterested in that story. The sensibility of Les Misérables is what the curators were drawn to; it re-focuses the story of revolutionary Paris as a sprawling bombastic series of stories. It embraces camp and high drama, sure, but all as a method to subvert and rewrite narratives anew. The central concern of Les Misérables ’18 is how we consume narratives. The exhibition asks us to reconsider our perceptions of history and its figures—and the uncanny ways pantomime reflects how our culture actually remembers. More informations here.

A partir du 21 juillet : John Russell-Australia’s French impressionist (Art Gallery of NSW)

John_Russell_Sisley_VanGogh_770pxDiscover the work of John Russell, the remarkable yet little-known Australian artist, who was active and influential within French avant-garde circles in the late 19th century. Bringing together 120 paintings, drawings and watercolours – including a number of works by his contemporaries – this major retrospective is the first survey of Russell’s work in forty years. It offers fresh perspectives on French impressionism, reintroducing Russell’s extraordinary painting to today’s audiences. More information here.

Tout le mois : John Mawurndjul: I am the old and the new

imageJohn Mawurndjul is celebrated for his mastery of rarrk (fine-painted cross-hatching), a tradition shared by generations of Kuninjku artists. John Mawurndjul: I am the old and the new reunites works of art from national and international collections made across a 40-year period. This exhibition of bark paintings and sculptures tells the stories of Kuninjku culture and the significant locations surrounding the artist’s home in western Arnhem.

Tout le mois : Rigoletto à l’opéra de Sydney

Michael-Lewis-as-Rigoletto-1600x900..jpg.image.1600.900.highFrom the moment he wrote it, Verdi knew he had a hit on his hands. The story had everything: royalty, loyalty, deformity, devotion, lust and revenge. And the music? The music was sensational. The morning after Rigoletto’s triumphant premiere, that melody rang out in the streets: a hit for ever after. The title character Verdi called the “greatest creation” in the history of theatre had found a home in a masterpiece of music. Elijah Moshinsky’s much-loved production of Rigoletto returns to the Sydney Opera House stage, complete with its glamorous La Dolce Vita-inspired sets and costumes and scene-stealing car. Tickets here.

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